Concentrating on work in a coworking space

Let’s face it, open offices are here to stay.

At the end of the 1950s, German management consultancy Quickborner came up with the idea of “Bürolandschaft” – literally meaning “Office Landscape”. The Bürolandschaft concept looked at the benefits of an open-plan space rather than the conventional linear planning and hierarchical, school-like layouts. Bürolandschaft favoured more organic and democratic floor plans that would encourage interaction and communication and ultimately, drive innovation.

Various studies have gone into understanding the pros and cons of an open office and its’ impact on our work lives. The pros column featured factors such as cost-saving, family feeling, chance meetings, open and large spaces, welcoming approach and easy help from coworkers.

The cons, however, mostly ended up on the same tangent – distractions. Visual and auditory distractions populating the majority of the list. Unless you use noise-cancelling earphones, it becomes difficult to concentrate.  Even the slightest sound of typing on the keyboard or a phone ringing on the vibration mode tends to break focus. Even a shift in the seating position that causes the chair to squeak, or a small hurrah on receiving good news can distract people.

You’ll be wondering how do we promise you a deep work zone while being a coworking space. 

Our ergonomically designed spaces are meant to keep the distractions at bay. Our floor plans are designed to serve as acoustic absorbers. Our spaces offer zones that can serve as meetings rooms, phone rooms and deep work zones where you can be assured of no disturbance and to let your creative juices flow!

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